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    Mr. Halavanau has the necessary experience to pursue lawsuits against large insurance companies when their negligence, deceit or bad faith has caused real harm to real people. We handle claims relating to homeowner insurance policies, including fire, water, wind, and other property damage claims. We also handle insurers’ refusal to defend its insureds. Other firms may run away from these types of cases because they view them as hard to pursue. However, we handle these types of cases because our team is passionate about taking on this challenge to protect our clients. Prior to founding his firm, Mr. Halavanau worked at a firm specializing in pursuing bad faith claims against insurance giants and was actively involved in all phases of litigation from inception through trials.

    Insurance bad faith is a cause of action that is brought against an insurance company for breaching its duty to act in good faith toward its insured in handling his or her claim.

    Improper claims handling practices include the insurance companies:

    -refusal to thoroughly and/or properly investigate your claim in a timely manner;
    -use of delay tactics, slow claims adjustment, or numerous requests for records without explaining the reasons therefore or the relevance of the materials requested;
    -refusal to pay the full value of your claim;
    -unreasonable claim denials;
    -misrepresenting policy provisions or coverage when dealing with the insured;
    -unreasonable interpretation of policy language.

    A large insurance company with significant resources at their disposal can seem like an unbeatable opponent. However, our team has the necessary experience and knowledge to pursue such types of claims. If you would like to ask us a question or find out more about your case, contact us.